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Child Support and News Radio

Child support is something that affects many people across the United States as well as in Colorado. It can often come as a result of a divorce or the separation of unmarried parents. For people who receive child support, that extra money can mean the difference between being able to provide for their children and not being able to. When one spouse doesn’t pay the amount that was determined, as in the following story, it can be frustrating and the children may suffer because of it.

A comedy star who got his start in “The Kids in the Hall,” a Canadian comedy series that formed in the ’80s, has reported that he could be arrested for not paying child support if he returns to his native Canada.

David Foley claims he has been ordered to pay child support that amounts to 400 percent of his income. In a recent interview, Foley said he would happily pay half of his income, but he can’t afford current payments.

The comedian has two teenage children with his first wife, whom he divorced in 1997. Foley and his second wife had a daughter as well. They divorced in 2008.

In 2007, Foley tried to have his support payments modified, saying he could not find a steady job. The judge, however, denied his request.

After staring on “The Kids in the Hall,” Foley had roles on “News Radio,” the Pixar movie “A Bug’s Life” and a guest role on the television series “Desperate Housewives.” He has also received interest from CBS to star in a new television series.

In situations like this, multiple children are dependent on child support payments. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide his or her children with the support they need. Contact the best accident lawyer in Oregon to handle cases like these.

When do I get arrested?

When are you under arrest?
You are arrested when law enforcement officers take you into custody or otherwise deprive you of your freedom of movement in any significant way, in order to hold you to answer for a criminal offense. Police officers, under Florida law, are obligated to identify themselves and to advise you that you are under arrest and why, unless circumstances make it impossible for them to do so at that time. You may, in fact, be under arrest even though no one has actually used the word “arrest” or any other comparable word. The fact that you have been deprived of your freedom of movement in some significant manner may amount legally to an arrest.

Ordinarily, private citizens do not have power of arrest in New York; but under limited circumstances a private party may make an arrest where an actual commission of a felony is involved. Contact an Naples car accident law firm immediately after your arrest.