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Government Contacts Overview

Our Government Contracts Practice Group represents clients participating in every aspect of government contracting. Our practice encompasses disputes relating to contract performance, contract award controversies (bid protests), civil and criminal False Claims Act investigations and litigation, and disputes between prime and subcontractors. Our practice also includes construction projects with public agencies both nationally and internationally. We represent clients before federal trial and appellate courts, agency boards of contract appeals, the General Accounting Office, state courts and administrative boards and such international tribunals as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Besides handling active litigation matters, our lawyers advise clients on day-to-day government contracts issues and alternative dispute resolution procedures. We also work with clients developing strategies to maximize opportunities to secure new contracts and retain existing business.

Our Government Contracts Practice Group is chaired by Caryl A. Potter, the managing partner of our Washington, D.C. Office. The group includes more than twenty lawyers in several offices, who spend all or a significant portion of their time on government contracts matters.

The following are examples of recent matters handled by our business tax attorneys in Government Contracts Practice Group.

What to Look for in Employment Lawyers

Our Chesapeake employment attorneys combine a depth of substantive knowledge with a breadth of trial experience to provide aggressive, cost-efficient representation.  We are practical in our approach to counseling, negotiation and litigation.  We recognize that clients may have business, political, economic or other considerations which impact the course of action they choose.

Members of the firm are admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court, the United States Circuit Courts of Appeals, the United States district courts, Florida courts, including the Florida Supreme Court, and other states’ courts. Many of our attorneys are frequent lecturers and authors on labor and employment law topics.

Charges filed against Fitchburg crash driver

Charges have been brought against the driver of a tragically fatal crash that killed four people last week. The man is being held in jail after having been released from the hospital earlier this week. He is also suspected of a probation violation for a disorderly conduct conviction from 2011. He now faces four counts of homicide for the alleged drunken driving crash last week.

The victims of the crash were from Wisconsin and Illinois. Because of the alleged drunken driving in this accident, the families of the victims may be able to recover for the wrongful death of their loved ones.

Wrongful death claims can be brought in Wisconsin when someone negligently causes the death of another person. Immediate families are generally eligible to bring the claim and recover for medical expenses, funeral costs, and pain and suffering, among other things. Drunken driving is strong evidence that negligence was involved in this crash. Wrongful death cases should be handled by an attorney who is sensitive to the pain that a family is feeling when coping with their loss. Damages from the suit can help relieve some of the financial strain and stress from those dealing with a tragedy.

Police say that the driver in the Fitchburg crash was heading east on Lacy Road and went through a stop sign at a high speed. He then apparently hit a bump at a railroad crossing that made him airborne, causing him to hit a utility pole.

If you or someone you know has lost a loved one due to negligent driving, contact a specialized attorney to evaluate your rights to compensation.

Elderly drivers pose safety risks

Anyone who has an older parent or a grandparent that they take care of knows that as your loved one ages, driving becomes more difficult. It also becomes more dangerous, according to accident data gathered by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Car accident rates increase significantly after a driver turns 70, and even more dramatically after 80. Besides teens, drivers who are 80 or older have the highest rate of collision per mile of any group. The fatality rate of those collisions is the highest of any group.

Car accidents in intersections make up about half of all fatalities for drivers 85 and older. Drivers in their 70s tend to misjudge whether it is safe to proceed, while drivers in their 80s often fail to see the other vehicle.

Especially in Wisconsin, where commutes between home and the grocery store can be long, and driving conditions can become dangerous in the winter, elderly drivers are at a higher risk than other drivers of injury or death. Unlike over half of the country, Wisconsin does not have any special safety provisions for licensing older drivers.

There are many sad stories of older drivers who have been injured or killed in a car accident. Often, they are not the only hurt. Mental and physical disabilities can cause older drivers to inadvertently hit obstacles that a younger driver would be able to safely avoid.

If you or someone you know has been injured by an elderly driver, contact a Michigan attorney to find out what your options are.